Cullman First Launches New Church App


After you receive your launch email from Seraphim, click the included link to login and change your passcode. The app can be downloaded from your app store.

Search for Cullman Methodist in your app store

This is a beta launch of our new app. Over the next few weeks, we will use your feedback to improve the app. If you encounter any issues, please contact Tech Support.


Using Internet Explorer on PC’s, and Firefox ESR on Macs, go to

(What’s Firefox ESR? … Click here!)

  • If you do not have Microsoft Silverlight plugin installed on your machine, you will be prompted to install Microsoft Silverlight. This is a one-time download. 
  • After you’ve installed Microsoft Silverlight, navigate back
  • Enter your Username and Password (the information is Case Sensitive!)
  • Click Sign-In and you’re good to go!


From the home screen in Seraphim, in the upper left hand corner, click on “Hi, [your name]”. 

  1. On the next screen, click on EDIT MY PROFILE below your name.
  2. Here you can edit all kinds of personal info if you like. To change your password click on the CHANGE PASSWORD button in the top right.
  3. Enter your Old Password first. 
  4. Enter your new password, and enter it again in the third box to confirm the correct spelling. 
  5. Click CHANGE IT to complete your Password change.

First Steps

Once the app has completed downloading, open the app. 

  1. Enter the authentication code that you received in your email.  If you did not receive a code, you can use your Seraphim Login credentials.  If you do not know what those credentials are, contact your church administrator.
  2. Upon logging into the app, you’ll be taken to your church’s home page.  Here you’ll see ministry opportunities, prayer requests, and links to other pages your church has configured. (Such as a church blog).
  3. If you would like to edit any of your personal information, click on the Edit Profile icon. Here you can make updates that will automatically appear on your Seraphim Account. (NOTE: Major account changes may need to be updated by an administrator at your church office. 


Note the HOME button in the upper right corner.  Hitting this button will bring you back to your church’s home page from anywhere in the app.  To the right of the HOME button you’ll see a SEARCH button.  Here you can search for just about anything: people, small groups, events, etc.

On the left you’ll see a menu icon.  This will bring up a navigation menu.  What appears here on this page is determined by what your church has decided on.  Also note that some titles of pages might be listed differently.  For instance, the “GIVING PAGE” might be titled “Tithes” in your church. 

The STREAM is a communication tool built right into Seraphim.  Think of it like an in-app instant messenger.  You can search for specific individuals and send them a private message on stream.   You can even message a group of individuals that you belong to for a group discussion.


The DIRECTORY page allows you to find people in your church. (Some churches title this page “People”.)  

  1.  Enter the name or a partial name of the person you’re looking for and hit SEARCH. You can then tap the name of the person you’re looking for to see their contact information and photo. 
  2. If they have any contact information listed, you can call, email, or text them from the app.  
  3. If you have admin rights, you can edit this person’s profile from your mobile device.  

NOTE: If a user does not with to “publish” their information to the public church directory, only admins will be able to see their profiles.  


The CALENDAR page will show all events that are scheduled. 

  1. Click on a specific date to view the events that are scheduled on that day. 
  2. On the next page, you can filter what events you’re seeing by selecting a specific event type at the top of the page. 
  3. To view an event’s details, click on the event.
  4. On the next page, you will see the event times and a map of the event location.  To view the event address, click on the pin in the map marking the event’s location.
  5. You can also indicate your attendance by clicking on “Going”, “Interested”, or “Not Interested”. 
  6. When you select “Going”, your device will ask if you would like to be reminded of this event.  If you allow it, the church app will sync up with your device’s calendar, and automatically add the event. You may need to allow the church app access to your calendar first depending upon your device. 


Come to the MY SERVICE page to view ways that you’ve served, when you’re serving, and other serving opportunities. 

  1. By default, you’ll see your service schedule that you’ve been assigned to. Click on each item to view it’s details. 
  2. To see available service opportunities, click on the OPPORTUNITIES button at the bottom of the screen. 
    • Click on the name of an opportunity that you’re interested in. 
    • Here you’ll see the details of the opportunity, the leader(s) of that team, requirements for serving, and a list of other team members.
    • To sign up for this opportunity, click SIGN UP.  Confirm the message by clicking YES. This will send a notification of interest to the ministry leader(s).  They will then be in touch about your involvement with that ministry!
  3. To see the serving calendar, click on the CALENDAR button at the bottom of the screen. 
    • The calendar will show you any dates you’re scheduled to serve.  
    • To stay on top of your family’s schedules, click on the FAMILY CALENDAR toggle button To see service dates for your whole family. 
    • You can also click on a date to add a “Blockout Day”.  A Blockout day indicates to ministry leaders that you are not available to serve.  
    • Click on the date in question, and select YES when prompted to add a blockout day. 
    • Enter a reason for the blockout day (ex. Dentist Appointment)
    • Enter the start and end date of the blockout.  
    • Hit CREATE when you’re finished, and hit YES on the confirmation message. 


If you’re looking for a new small group to join but don’t know what’s out there, come to the Small Group Finder Page.  Here you’ll see a scrolling list of all open small groups. 

  1. Click on the name of a small group to view it’s meeting place and location on a map. 
  2. Click on MORE INFO to see what type of group it is, when it meets, and it’s web page (if applicable).
  3. If this is a small group that you’re interested in joining, click on the JOIN button at the bottom of the page, and hit YES in the confirmation message.
  4. If joined successfully, you will receive a Congratulations message.

But what if you’re looking for a specific type of small group? Reading through all those small group offerings can be exhausting!  Maybe you need a group that offers childcare, or maybe you’re looking for a group just for women. Narrow your search to find what you’re looking for.

  1. Click on the ADVANCED SEARCH button at the top of the screen. 
  2. Here you can select the Type of group, Location, Day of week, and dynamics that you’re looking for.  (You don’t have to select something in each parameter.  The more restrictions you add, the fewer results you’ll recieve)
  3. You can also toggle if you need childcare provided, or if children are welcome. 
  4. When you’re finished, hit the SEARCH button at the bottom.  

Also, if you’d like to see a list of groups on a map, simply click on the MAP button at the bottom of the screen.  You may need to zoom in on the map to see the appropriate spread of locations.