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Life doesn’t always go as planned.

God wants to help you handle uncertainty when it comes your way. He is ready and willing to give you a breakthrough, but breakthroughs happen when you seek them through prayer. 40 Days of Prayer is a spiritual growth series and church-wide campaign that will teach us how to cultivate a powerful prayer life and experience God like never before. Don’t miss a single weekend of this life-changing series.


This six-week gathering is open to all men and women. The interactive curriculum includes a Bible study taught on video by Pastor Rick Warren, followed by a guided discussion time where you are able to engage and apply the principles to your own life. Some of the topics you’ll cover include the purpose of prayer, praying with confidence, prayer patterns, praying for a breakthrough, and more.


This all-in-one workbook is the hub of engagement during this series! The workbook contains the study guide for each small group lesson, daily prayer prompts, space for weekly sermon notes, and suggestions for further study. Books are available at kiosks in the Sanctuary and Hearin Hall. You may also purchase online.


(40 DAYS OF PRAYER INTRO) Winnie the Pooh, John the Baptist, & The Incredible Hulk – Mark 9:2-9

40 Days of Prayer: Week 1— “Do You Really Want to Grow Up? Ephesians 4:1-16

40 Days of Prayer: Week 2— A Beginner’s Guide to Prayer 1 John 5:13-15

40 Days of Prayer: Week 3- The Most Important Thing About You Psalm 100:1-5 

40 Days of Prayer: Week 4— Which Direction Do I Pray?  Psalms 139:1-14, 23-24 

40 Days of Prayer: Week 5- How to Pray Throughout Your Day Ephesians 6:10-20 

40 Days of Prayer: Week 6— How to Pray for Healing and Restoration 2 Chronicles 7:14; Mark 11:1-11

40 Days of Prayer: When Easter Seems Broken for Me Mark 16:1-8