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Churches need to have technology to support what it is trying to do: a relevant website, computers, mobile devices, complex phone systems, sound systems and equipment that support weekly services. The IT team is charged with ensuring the church has the technology needed to do what it does as well as the needed support for technical failures.

  • Computers
  • Storage
  • Website
  • Church Management Software
  • Operating Systems
  • Network
  • Internet
  • Information System Security

The Cullman First Information Technology (IT) Team operations include computer operations, technical support, and systems analysis. It ensures sufficient systems capacity for organizational needs establishes and implements new or upgraded systems and programs.

The hardware team provides support for all Cullman First computers, smart devices, and on-site storage hardware.HARDWARE TEAM
The internet/web team provides support for the Cullman First website, social media, wifi system, and video/audio production.INTERNET/WEB TEAM
The information security team monitors, maintains, and protects all technology related systems and equipment. INFORMATION SECURITY TEAM


If you'd like to serve on the IT team, email us for more information

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