We’re so glad that you are part of our team. Being a musician in a worship team is both exciting and challenging, but through it all we’re a family on this journey together. God has blessed you with unique talents and abilities that God uses to build and encourage the kingdom. What you do matters and we GET to do this! What an amazing privilege!

Our team doesn’t take our call to facilitate genuine, deep worship lightly. The good news is that building a culture of praise doesn’t all depend on us. The Holy Spirit works in and through us to lead our church to an encounter with God each time we meet together. 

Joining a new team can be a little overwhelming, so hopefully this playbook will provide you with an overview of what goes on week to week within our team. It is our hope that this site will provide you with the simple ideas that make up our team culture. Our hope is that this information helps us function with excellence and consistency.

This is an exciting time at Cullman First UMC and we look forward to seeing you grow in your relationship with Jesus along with the relationships that are built within our team.

Nov. 25th Spotify Playlist


Our Worship Team is a group of musicians from many backgrounds called and equipped to facilitate worship at rehearsals, services, or events. Our rehearsals and services happen on a weekly basis. We also lead worship at Cullman First ministry events on occasion (i.e. conferences, worship nights, etc.). We serve with our musical talents and lead others through our spiritual gifting. We believe that there is no stage too big or small for us to use to glorify God.

Our Team Culture

Culture is defined by Merriam-Webster as a set of shared attitudes, values, goals, and practices that characterizes an organization. Our Team is part of our Worship Ministry within the larger organization of Cullman First.

It’s impossible to grow as a Christian without a family of believers to walk alongside you through relationship. The Bible calls this process discipleship. By joining our team, our leaders commit to helping you grow as a disciple of Christ!



Thursday Rehearsal

Full Band – 6:30 pm – 8:00 pm

Special team rehearsal (as needed) – 6:00 pm – 7:00 pm

Band Communion – 6:30 pm – 6:45 pm (Thursday before 1st Sunday of each month)

Sunday Worship

Soundcheck & Warmup – 8:30 am

Worship Service – 10:20 – 11:30 am

Our Team Expectations

The 4 P’s of a Revolution Worship Team Member 

  • Passion 
    Our passion for Jesus, his Church and music is what fuels our worship. Our passion bleeds and runs out into everything that we do.
  • Positivity 
    The gospel is “GOOD” news! We are carriers of the good news and it should be reflected in our lives through our attitudes and actions.
  • Punctuality
    Being on time demonstrates that we are dependable and value others’ time as much as our own. If we are consistently in the right place at the right time, it creates trust within our team and with those we lead.
  • Preparedness
    Practice on your own time eliminates distractions on others’ time. We practice and rehearse so we can engage others in worship without distractions.

Scheduling Policies

To ensure that we allow enough time and resource for all teams involved in a rehearsal, service or event, we have the following policies for scheduling:

  • Scheduling Rotation
    Our goal is to schedule our musicians for a service at least once/month and send out requests 1 month in advance. However, there are various circumstances where both are not always possible. If you find yourself getting over scheduled or without enough time to prepare, please let us know.
  • Responding to Requests
    Please confirm or decline promptly. Leaving a request unconfirmed or unacknowledged puts a strain on our staff and team. If you are a habitual (3 or more) offender, you will be asked to re-evaluate your commitment to the team. 
  • Block Out Dates
    We all need vacations and time-off. You can help the team by blocking out the dates in Planning Center Online (PCO) that you know you will be unavailable.
  • No Shows
    If you are scheduled for a service and do not show up after confirming, you seriously hurt the team. It’s like a hand without a finger. We understand emergencies occur, but please communicate. If you are a no show, you will be asked to re-evaluate your commitment to the team. 

Planning Center Online is our primary means of communication. You can access online or download the Planning Center app.


Keeping your voice in top shape is vital for vocalists. Download and use these warmups each day, as well as before rehearsal and Sunday worship, to protect, strengthen, and develop your voice to its fullest potential.



Song Lyrics
We provide the lyrics to each song we sing in PCO.

Song Charts
We provide chord charts for our songs.

Song MP3

Each week, a link is provided to the weekly setlist.

Role of a Background Vocalist

Guitar Strumming Tips

Blending Vocals

Bass Tips


Music Stands